Bard Lindsey Stirling





My name is Lindsey and I am a bard on the quest of a lifetime. I was born in Lake View Manor in Skyrim. One of the homes of the Dovakiin. When I came of age I traveled to Solitude and attended the Bards collage where I was trained in the arts of song and music. My chosen instrument the violin is unique found in the Dovkiin’s end days by the master himself.

Once I was done I traveled the to capitol Cyrodiil and there walked the roads of the Hero of Kavach. I learned songs from every land and magic from a long time traveling companion. I ran with pirates of Topal Bay and walked with the migrating trees of the Bosmer. I cross the great desert of the Kajit and watched the elves of the Summerset isles celebrate the rebirth.

I was in Daggerfall researching the fall of Jagar Tharn when I was approached by a weakened and filthy man. He was blind and near death and nearly pulled me down when he found me. He called me by name and begged me to find them. The Trinity of Fate that the end was coming and only I could find them and fulfill the Dovakiins final words. Hate was spreading like a plague that the deadra were going to break through. The only thing that could stop them was me.

I held him not sure of what to say. When three men and black leather with wicked blades came into view. They stood silently staring for a moment. I lay him down and raised my violin bow and summoned my magic ready to fight. Wordlessly they charged I fired my magic and it was easily deflected. Before I could act again the blind man stood before me and shouted. “FUS RO DAH!” The wall of force was cascaded out of him and smashed unforgiving into the three assailants scattering them like snow in the gale winds of the pale.

The man just moments ago appearing near death was standing in tattered grey robes a fully realized beacon of power. With a silken sound of steel leaving a scabbard he drew a Katana of the Blades. “Go child I will hold them here. You are Tamriels last hope.” The blind man stepped forward and raised his sword to the men pulling themselves from the earth.

I would like to have helped him but his voice echoed into my soul and I ran. I heard the sounds of battle behind me but kept running as fast as I could. I glanced back only once. I heard an explosive sound a shout that reverberated through the land its self. I could feel it in my bones. My very soul resonated with the sound the call had gone out. I smiled and ran east to home…Skyrim. The adventure of a lifetime begins.

Bard Lindsey Stirling

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