A violin carried by Bard Lindsey Stirling.
It is her prized possession and the only one of its kind known. In his waning years the Dovakiin began to hear its music and went on one final quest. He found a cave on the edge of Skyrim that lead to a strange realm. There he explored for several days and departed with one gift Crythor.

He took it home and placed it on the mantel of his home in Lakeview Manor and lived the rest of his days in peace. Years rolled on and eventually a child’s footsteps once again could be heard in Lakeview. It was layed in her crib as she was fascinated with it. By the time she was seven she could play it and on her age of ascension she took off for the Bards Collage to learn their ways.

Its music is strange haunting and uplifting. It seems to project a magica that no one can discover or duplicate. Before long Lindsey refused to let anyone see or inspect it. Crythor is her oldest friend truest companion and frankly the way she pays the bills.


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